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tv   Taiwan Outlook  PBS  March 23, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the time it gets done or taken the single hold up a little sick but it's. when you need and what . the data it is my tv. oh well come to a brand new edition of how wild it. the probe and that presents the different faces and they take it that if the voices on taiwan. on the host great wall. the area increasingly more incidents of interracial marriages in taiwan. and why are some of the adjustments that these new immigrants have to make a
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living and working in taiwan on today's program where delighted to have one such couple here with me. allow me to introduce first. i love cookbooks. please for missing the fun jordan. and also next to her husband mr gill boy told police of course mitchell we went out walk walk on the two of you to our program today it's going to be a few loose a few wears to the odd note to the tv camera i got back from terengganu and pointed the finger of my husband in thailand. i'm so glad to be eight years and a steal. i am a news photo you it's my pleasure to be here well it's a place to have both of you thingy on the program today. let me start off with you all up he'll come to learn about taiwan because you had a very distinguished. the old korean sports know you won both the good silver medal in type and told me that the bangkok
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and also build up the sheet cakes and then of course i also learned that you had that only the scope speak you know at the time you that have something to do with you you know learning about how one that wanted to come to town one asking the reader to know the sports field come to the death of christ. i was at the core and the attendant opinion on tuesday and then my posts with ironies those early years to come he flicked a new caps weekend having found that forty times where i can put an ad in good times we tend to leak case only had fifteen but at the same time reduce tax during morning about the island. it's an every time i used to come yet when it comes again friday to an island that is. and i'll beat you guys me to teach him to come on look before. yes indeed i'm reposting in life if that view i can really started to ache but with my artistic with the courts and to teach turn back time and we went to live in constant and the dusting this was in
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taipei and by that time and a bmw has to deal which will come to you in taiwan. i'm living in taipei. ok been recently families for type b as well. yet the appropriate body so you guys may be in taipei to friends already know what will was the occasion. waikato coach i was my friend audience to stay in the autumn before the mighty zealand at the corner its attendant that when the issue was that comes out for charity on. i miss it and then takes me to this the chiller on tickle. if you need anything and thus goes to charity work has something to do with safety. it is great. what were some of the meal programs available at the time. i'm liking he did in november and there was of course and what to do that yet. as a son teddy to make these things simple and leaves and biking get the house because i don't think i can. aptitude and
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interest to get a handle on being addition to your distinguished career in taekwondo. you were leading two thousand eleven elected as was the most promising there would need the help and that this is yell very high on it. and he tell the school that was good that the word mean to you. the price to consumers because it is as if that would add the cream and one of the idea that one hundred most of the debt of one that can use a current rate of a good thing to me i'm going to get new and good priest to keep going and maybe it's the four compass points and syndicate company and at a time when you madness to deal with that and of course your relationship will develop guilty after that. and though what makes the decision to move the fund jordan to tumble and it was a cute is his second match what was the reaction for your family and friends when they learn about the off course i'm sure the lightness to heal very much and be good
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to you know certainly tries to miss deal with the meal taken care of but no there must be something that he'll be probably has some reservations. this is your soul you link to one of the most powerful and the lair of what may have ended in failure goal. i like to have very good reader and things seemed shorter than twenty one and two time or actually of course it's a very big and messy again. it settles in to see something especially because i'm an addict and i can practice medicine in german but i cannot because of that tiny yet and one london escorts instalments which is great with infected in the movie he is head of currency needs an act of kindness and then asked if i'd quit because it's a wholly new content when you die for you but i'll use of the idiots that exco and do new things and not to speak to him. the ideal quest to attain to that he gave me a break with the opening of a sentence that he and his art was disappointed so this is great because i made my
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decision. yes i miss the old soul with regular meals. you know spending some time in jordan. now prior to meeting all up to what we do we going to school night i was looking for that trading company so i was the same jordan to do some marketing in the resort over there ok. and also suppose that this was a big decision for you to me getting married to anybody no it's a big decision then you marry somebody for sure or was it what was the reaction from family and friends that i will actually have before it got married to my parents' them at the out of four says she can to taiwan then you'll be a case study out we went out together and that they got the mower very well. and in love. of course. he then said i feel i've traveled to a jordan for a couple times and also i broke my family to jordan. one of our marriage so leah. most families we knew each other the web well you know. only met the love
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for one two minutes now for you enjoyed this and i very much a case of the twenty two million tall one you go to school yet i know that phd student in case i missed the ante in the tin can commence in the second and can basically use and no other place he he expects to continue thinking can commence. and let me and she and others who feel like nobel knitting i'm going to school in taiwan. i was supposed to experience is very different yet fun that i knew were here for sure this is a funeral and the hubby to make the task. xd and the clanking you free the case and said it that way just enjoying my time but now i have two disciplines that it is that through it and then as lifeless and use dad's sense of grace they have but that means doing and trying to name something new in ten of the day and the ntsb so fire and stood in line for seed but of course it's a tough and demanding her team and the advice it's
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it's no wonder that being so high and on monday to confirm it to and enjoying my hope he missed a field hockey and help the one in terms of making that just kill me but i know she's fluent in english but not many people in taiwan released in english that well yes and a sheet of the chinese were huge and the teacher on the sidelines but just trying to encourage her to learn chinese. but the test of time a deciduous bit tight this stupid to get that much time to load but it's also very difficult when it yesterday i saw for it to go and grab mean sometimes i was crying to a teacher but not always but to translate for you to see me but my parents. the talk in chinese so what did have some conversation she can learn to death and the fellow dt some chinese courses in design the foyer and both he and i mean if the one thing consequences and anyone else i could not say we took in squid but it wasn't
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the content that. so now i can understand the conversation and then switching to his mom only got to meet our needs. yes i can understand on that aspect gill for you to move to taiwan news concerning religion the post was coming from jordan you are of most of the kids and the in terms of making adjustments in that aspect. was it difficult because muslim population is a very big in taiwan you know lot of people know very little of his religion has certainly have very few contacts with people who are mostly it still called you overcome your own people sometimes lack of understanding or even ignorance and nobody was going to be back to you and i don't get too tiring and i haven't faced difficulties to guide in dealing with people because things are hectic and at the current expect that when everything has to go at it that is when i'm eating together they do understand
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that we don't need to. can things be taken into but i'm going to include us of course exploited to continue the game and was inclined to let it be used in the belief in god but the end. actually we don't face that many difficulties because the dining options on that occasion feet with the commanders and sometimes forgot that my cook at home so i conclude this is the ad this is that they come to the stuff i guess he endured many wonderful taiwanese cuisine for you to feast on this issue and also in the process you don't miss to hill where some of the things they use so that was most difficult for a lot to be teaching us that when artie talk about food language else to religion and to deal with it any other things he felt was typical for her but i think the most because as to a bombing which was the night was the beacon bay area for her to understand things and call it turned into common except without the local people can now sell other things are. i think so far so good i was in the pic. olson
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is to do what you would feel really just before her band of heavy enough coverage to most of the imam was in the now old enough yet and we really just before and i'm no before and i comedy to islam i was in rehab in the region helped to make and that given the fact that you now you know starting a new life in taiwan. boone's some of the things that you fill the old maybe we'll try one as as a place to visit and welcome foreign immigrants built their work into a little better. you know for example to both signs they'll maybe some of the language sealed it can be turning to the english still easier for people to understand yet when some of the recommendations i say that this is the amazing thing i think having two things both in tiny isn't interested in cooking because i am sometimes we can't find people who can speak english with extra tickets so it's very difficult. so this is the one thing and sometimes
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outside and then use them to knock the dust didn't have any anger towards her. and then must say it's ok because they i mean even sometimes we find difficulties in dallas but you can make us feel confident because that he had and then went on to tell you that know a nice house with how he saw the one thing to come august when friends were great to get back in the haredi we need to take the first break of the program will be packages few minutes. i know. sells
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steve eye. welcome back to their second part of the school that killed the tie while that on the host recall what we'll continue our conversation went out gets to be on the program. i love to cook now also her husband has to deal with tom. well we're talking about your experiences moving into taiwan. and there was a cool
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pic of it. the trips that you make to mecca on the haji pilgrimage to the audi think it twice. santos will appear above those strips and what is the experience meant to you. when we actually used that phrase and we went is one of them. it is a striking defend but i had the second one was put to him cupcakes and said it was an amazing experience when i'm back and to add to that ukraine is one of the things that we have to do once in a late night and mom and dad and i went to a leaflet and without the time he said. he then declared three days could fix the cia and the busy till i suppose when you go to makkah of us of ram to death by hundreds of thousands of mostly to know how congress that you'll feel good that you love me it must be overpowered the little piece of filth oldfield religious worship iran is exactly this is a faith that means the action of maybe like two three million people in this and
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it's an up and said he was a very wonderful and touching fitting over there because i'm you know that that everyone they come and is full of mold. everyone that comes for one to propose so on. if you don't feel any different from anybody else so it's like older brothers sisters over there and they're doing well doing the same thing in this and my washing in madison madison call a simple post you may be defective and that because what we discussed are we you know a lot of people including myself in taiwan we know very little of the muslim as a religion built the tallest move more to vote you know what the religious he'll be a police car. no one are some things to muslim bias of religion. the old preached the bill for example family video and go what are some of the family said they would be a must. the sec said it because that sometimes i think that it needs yet i may
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be tense visited the famed idea what that most of what islam is about the tsx is starting to break the financing condition and is the most insidious would be a man that he kicks it took me an update. the kind of ttp and nicely have to do teddy we have to do great and because other actions speak for our nation it's not that it is set to release them by name. action speaks for sometimes when they see what the idp territory and act quickly to be thinking about expanding different is heard as it makes me sad inside. i know what to use yet and then maybe put too high because he wasn't damaged and now the van was consigned to be had from the good thing. yet his gop shill but this your feelings on this load a picture before i convert to islam i did have some awesome friends and so from my friends i didn't see anything bad. from there like to have new addiction like
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the western media the commode on the cycle repeats. some hdr lah. and she inspired me to learn the more and the deeper i learned was that every teacher knows when love is in this region because i've noticed is that it is the fact you know scientifically a logically mentally physically. blakey is the media touch me. this was a convert to islam. so he felt was as expected but interesting foliage is that we worship one god and the narrow we have the one going our lives so when you have a clear goal in your life who i've become. it is easy yet this was simple yet been given the fact that you know your wife comes home he'll very different religious background to help so very different part of the world korea and taiwan in the misty know as you know covered the muslim beings how long that you think that the people in taiwan in general. he has really exhibit. no sense of
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appreciation. you know i acknowledging that differences. bill coming from mcneil new immigrant and really be able to accept it no need to be brought to town when the screen. i await us. well i think . for some bit of trouble putting it on discussed on this one really kind and it's that the different cause trajectories in this town comes go out and show they don't have too much idea about islam so bad every client that was great to do so. it's one of the way if that is to discuss a raise some questions and we are expanding them. i went with chris whalen all parties in the head of starts the nation that mostly they can accept and that. oh we always can reach a mutual respect and understanding was to each other okay. then the following questions maybe for the nobles of the things that people keating joe has now becoming more accepting
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courts multi core told congress that he killed his head no people look at how one society in general the book review called witch and the state. no i mean there isn't a model of diversity here yet but the thing that over time than with forces like localization the people here becoming more more accepting to people coming home to provide them with ease. larry from my experience that includes links for me as an example of this land has been sentenced in zen has got to spend the day these things so i didn't do the teams i learned that after he became the most and they have to think of the best interest in having its hadn't gotten that the dead and dying at the king so pretty and six. i think it is so flights to continue the amazing yet. and also people in jenin that i don't feel like they know because the binding on them since eighteen joined the hat to protect its will and i
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think that a deal to proceed with the afro samurai feel like incomes above area educated and so on. they build to. if you don't just assume say good for any adelaide came to light or that the two of us still be also in taiwan before the summit and armenians the garden like a life where fortitude but in general keywords people use that wonderful experience. when was the people here and here and follow along you can become one the aussies have to get married to mr you flip through the a's and a half page and then go over the two years and how you define did you know typical words eec no interest in making new friends. grace and the beginning it was the day to day event that i can finish was out of area paths to my family and friends back in june and that it was a complete fool. yes i was an easy yet but the accident because the wind legal out with things that you are his
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friends has been set. and this is how i interact with them is because at seeing my eating in tn you it's that it's an interesting look inside and did a stint at the irony is that much like eileen is indeed interaction goes to college and family and friends. yet in the city have some contacts family declined to now please don't go out for coffee is ideally like having them on that abdullah has said it did take the time. yes from cuttings go out to movies so this makes me really happy and confident his team. i also cook it too. bill may be a lot of times people keen to come on it didn't really have adequate understanding and a bunch of wood and abolished the islamists of religion you know i mean what do you think he'll put you in the open. the water some of the things that your programs which changes. maybe we can do to try to clean hands me to understand it. for example we don't get me a jordanian
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movies or music. here in taiwan. and i'm sure you probably don't have a lot of taiwanese movie where you know that milk or two activities faculty jordan this will you still want to think there will be one year yet for people to try to build up some meal meat on the stand being unkind to know each other to an accident that thinking that as things may be eyeing music and aspen co activities that can or freeze this before when i was at the claims after three years to come in and practice with the chinese national team so good it's it's different that was it the exhibit relationships i think if that was her and maybe ireland can do such things and other aspects that only he can exploit. maybe education in music and the i expected he would make it to the canteen have told students from jordan in taiwan that you don't want blacks to get out in the making of many working
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maybe a video for that to keep a nice get together sometime soon some guys get it done. for some of the major holidays into it and that we have an activity it then landed in that case yet entirely different routes as was the news yesterday and agreed that we don't have it in diving at and believe it or maybe they are suspended in jordan thinks that they have the christmas come to mind their own. and then going out to the new year as he get her so gently into the studio d still go back to jordan for business means it's gonna go on radio one supplies the old and still do business relationship still continues to try one of the areas of economic activities. you see during visits to what some of the activities that we can to to get the tube also deepen the economic and trade relations between jordan and taiwan. well i think i am in my ear sitting there cuz i'm doing the training of
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the asean in my eye like a concept i think jordanian people are like me listed for the life care products from taiwan. he's so. the sources said made in china as it may be the title of the key vehicles or is that the quality of something when it was kind of morrell like it. like common to commit a sin like white said jordanian this group that i want to see a don't like the supplier said today. actually i think the on the crimea ministry they are doing this already but maybe they can have more tight. that activities together yet. one of course is well known for high tech products yes misleading information technology it is a lot of tea towel when these products that are sold in jordan was ample use of computers nice loose or even htc cell phones but the popular back on the i think you have the hassle of open data computers then this is the mobile phone use light to the car's history
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is a lot of things made in taiwan you can see from jordan. okay well be something easy feat to our meal pack all. there are very attractive. there will be attracted to become one the soups and maybe some of the cooking that area i think i feel ok up with some of the pr handicraft good at it from the decade because we got some months after the swim test that is handing it to me i think it could be pre attack that people know we are now handled with the cooking that baby spice is always yes that is his dad and the whole boat tour is beyond me and he adds he should be a lot of people don't want that want to go to the new majority in the middle east action. ix think that is when you can see in any of them i confess is that of oxygen because it's the baby to come to india in his second at amazing places and definitely with. alright i can sign off with us the review to take another break the upper level you back in just a few minutes. fans. is. stick.
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the welcome back to today's program fielder kyle while that on the hosts were equal we'll continue our conversation with mr. i love to cook an old school house than the studio for two. and though welcome to the two of you to the program now one as continuing to question about your education. he knocked you off course a piece he steamed at the taipei. no medical university and a your second year. now warner plans for the future. xd i hope that that be a bit of gardening canning and hope revealing been waking in the six kids and concluding that the project commenced in the income side he hoped that when i was going to be stupid comments and that is a very important he'll become one
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that you know what how long lol it's good if not the lowest birthrate mean come on yet because a lot of tea you know females in taiwan. a very competent profession. so sometimes the mill forgot about. no sitting up until reaching a family here so that is no one feels a lot of people really appreciate. the and the volume the studio. bill what are some of the plan is to you happy occasion for your life. uni years after she finishes school. well as froze them and all was very proud of my life and is excited as to a support for extensions that varied in two of medicine and especially gonna go do so out of places that enjoyed her time studying and this was reflected in the distance all for me what who and what it was one that allows support the use and the expected to be a canadian professional in this field. and the will was talking during the break. in addition shortage of female
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gonna call it instinct i was going to feature one the law graduates. no sir we use it to be a lot of demand for your deal of knowledge and expertise in this healing. as sole soul patch i googled it and talk about. hilla to previous visits to you mate i want to know some of which is the oh two to charity when compared with the help and heal their well known since the connotations that come about was it that opportunity he'll come to you. when the accident because my coat is stylings and notices once the budget cutting bill could yet play tennis to get this and his accident when he puts his band back when funding for it then dumped on his good idea. and that's all he is too easy to sponsor them for two to ten seems to me this calender that i have it as i have company and plan to take a break and visiting with family isn't of grace because i speak arabic so it's easy for us to interact with them. he's so into cars denying that any act economy that is of course he ended by
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a neck to toe in sunday and it was a break as an excuse though. dad did the same things basically that means get to know more about that added to a mining th yes but neil coming home and he is home background. did you feel good you have seen the adjustments that you have to make. in terms of the dome volunteering to tying their efforts. xd this question i have been asked so many the man who stands in india believe this and it's not easy because the conditions quickly that way and that his acting that isn't being hunted so i acceded to that if anything it's just the way that the same the teachings of my reasoning that night and good play and couldn't keep them being and then taking the days when as yet so it was yes it was an amazing experience. on the stand at your school a member of the suzuki international medical association. there were some of the activities of cold and
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sleepy all the axial and tina was the heaviest into a den we did some fake and that can read the content cups for an encore and found these in different games enjoyed it and when i came here i've got the chance to meet many to choose from different alias different countries action and a shared experience is everyone say what they do an awesome event fee can mix and yet those things and sometimes because those who puts things mom is in his response been played and tests to use eft at his peak in the sun comes in at half time i'd go with it and is actually good. this is by the new one to ten times because i went to interact with the kids to stop to the symptoms that go find them and couldn't eat i did that sentence yes yes they had a steal i mean do you help with the wife in terms of some of the charitable when she comes. joe put the money involved into tea as well. or adding some time ago to go there so i'd translate. it was are we at
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there thinking a foundation likes to teach them to use your expertise in international business and also some of the hill experiences you can only hope that the uk's power to help if there is the thing that i can go corinth and math. and given the fact that you'll also involved in this sport you don't open goal. i was just wondering when this chinese taipei taekwondo association ever approached you to see that he ought not be a guest coach kyle has to be over training the new athens where i and i would love to it today. i was left in the sciences accident that claimed to our own lives and we always be my thing. think of it and it influenced my life since i was nine so get your teeth yet but good now with all these demands are you a tiny cavity a full time student. hey you have you know the family to the nearest hospital in piano so the only charitable cause
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you know it demands fun sexy and yet that's how you balance of six lead at the gates were these hits and a half and cutting and an active stance but i try my best to enjoy and are supposed to iowa with this mindset too much of a farting noise that mean i can get a tidy investment to discuss this at the xp sometimes the students in baking them yes i will continue the end of one of the steel why it gets homesick. that is the debut on the old latina woman go all wobbly you know spent some time with my own family all things he does go back to jordan. when jenna we go every year and now i'm totally love it and this is that she can. i'm not exactly a hat also a mom or sister the holiday that i will get to visit. let's see it became stuck in my estimation and one of my mom is coming back to get hold of that fact and those of you guys know. you know celebrate the traditional meal taiwanese politics. for
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example a half moon the new year. you know and no soap no mooncake festival and track and gold festival where the sea. some are things that you've learned back on the totem with the cute one and then when you write the acts of the island. it's chinese new year because usually we enjoyed in my coat sweet sis have been that bad but the good things i haven't been hit with the folks who don't take it although some of the few holidays have called them sorted. hey you guys have served here in town want anything to coat. well we have to say it's time to get a dollar the area. so i was celebrating the jordan made his light care of it like allentown is the leader who can enjoy them cuz the family of thais have a strong so i'll wait is like three days holidays that we visit the older families with it to me that in different houses and to enjoy food and talking and everything went good. and allah in the past two plus years says you mean come one
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also on previous visits to the either. for some of the places they get into whipping around the island yet at the event to cattle call what i wanted the fbi and mildew on the two thousand nitrogen yet he went to the teaching hospital yet get a definite yet another them on the end of the bean to put some gold color shown don't fall over. yes and then to come to the title of a handsomely day that i don't know him out and get him to act in an area we have the tents we go we speak to them. one of the candidate that with me and she didn't have a favorite place to learn the many favorite places for you that i will act in this profile and if it is to call a rose window i e the forecast is that even if the daddy of all the loops and a long way. i actually forgot it was coke and an infant isn't that bad the crab i like to tie things except the stinky tofu but the ultimate. i did
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things that it is safe for guiding me into a sleek yet we have enough options i think he would face each day and said what's that something we've done that cannot have just got a team to advance. i do not know what you guys to put into team that put somebody go see movie will go exercise together for a you know what went to the east into the studio well no one would have the time out we tried to explore more places in thailand this photo it was different. this is good and says sometimes the strangest we just have a short film from local movie a hang out with friends and family known by what i can travel on the wrong kyle and i didn't how long have you been to the presentation using the media. singing since coming to him though because we went into a den and then connect your bike before and with the clean diet and two in many places that are a pain but believe me and she looked the ol' flying want i
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want to to order the cones to fly and would you have to go through. he is known to act like an old mate. do you have to make a stopover in hong kong via what bangkok to believe in hong kong were the perfect opening debate and nine took a nap almost the truth. it was when they are tickling aunties for the tourists to australia to launch the added so that they can get them when we do think that the team to feature one days pricing teman him for transportation to the combi direct flights to feel at peace with it and stuck in front of me and i didn't type it to dubai but we have to take on the bike and i'm okay with that shortened the distance along with the idea of the tenancy. i think uncle casey and before we end this part of the pool to wash some of the places for example is the first time visit to your beautiful country jordan. what would be some of the places that you recommend. i could face up to
11:38 am
extend amazing things that happen to enhance the bodega and he expects he will take on the thirty day you were an angry parents and relaxing and that irony at its basis in june and often people just do it inside before we continued the saddle the time the yeast and each ordered one of the places you rick. well i think my fear is that the sea. see now that is tremendously enjoying a player with. the and who put a for the bbq it's amazing and enjoyed the cake was to find was the best kind to this. when the accident in the standings thing that clients to play in the angeles oct nov and that those investments and headed to a quiet dinner was so excited and i'm taking down the snow to see me shoot in the city of kolkata. we need to take the final break the local plant will grow back. i know. sells. steve
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the sea the eye. welcome back to the final segment of today's program field ca law look on the host free will will will continue and hopefully wrap up this here interesting conversation was on the cuckoo home with a riesling from jordan and her husband was from taiwan the studio pull it off. and i love amy as she is still grown up being georgia. of course is that it's a place that many of us myself included. i know very little about playing over the years when you move back to the years. you will pull no which would force some of the nice thing you can share with us. what sample one or some of the family that extent where some of the cu parent watching when you are he knew that my family with three coats to my utter delight that was the brave resistance and then my mum was but that is breaking its
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lead as a concert that we that we rarely had the baby is the last time the babies this time and having the time and carrying plates had been i used to think that claimed the ppi news is the title itself. recently i found one yet so it was a prayer that doesn't include daniel is for spending time with an increase in crime can squeeze them and sustains them. this i'm gentle squeeze this is life and maybe an insult to the ninth instalment in the snow yet and so will my unit has to deal with the course the emphasis on family guy is really you know of people complete the foundation that can kill for your relationship yet to teach find it easy in the senate bill getting to know his family while they are getting to know his parents his siblings his friends that i painted because of the platoons the pennants and a new database week and dedicating nothing and that they also say the same things that just
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meant that it illustrates how did nothing concrete at the site too isn't it turns east and cream but it's just like making the homemade pecan even his mom always like when i see every show is the homeland in iowa with the identity of a proof that the event that yes i did. i was eyeing this month and still meet on sunday we had him acting in teaching to become new friends decide to eat and a steal i suppose when you started in treating disease which would probably never imagined that you end up marrying a beautiful jordanian woman. the latter the ninja like well a lot to say no the latter cleans your emphasis on family values example. very similar to the tree onto coaches to society to engage a fine day to be another attractive aspect of all of you know jordanian people to feel about the background are so similar to those of us in time. bonus as officially on going during my visit to our last family i found a lot of
11:43 am
fat. click here the quality of its movements and so was just really attractive and so they and their defenders like friends and together they make job they have to kill each other now and so the cars part of the family and so on. what if this is soo feel like combing how i feel like home and joined in also and now says the hollywood years. and no soul upon graduation fall on i love mention that she liked the mill continue her research via guillotine come on. and given the fact the you know the old school lunch or in hot demand. in jordan as paul knew somebody was killed just two years ago for that one of the hill top one hundred most powerful and important bill would it be attractions for you to say baloch come back home and help the motherland and you know we need to type with ollie. the medicine you may need to prove it
11:44 am
the accident and that all is mr and mr at the content and yet but i'm not good as the youngest would sing and i acted at haggling with the nasty tasting he'll go back to joy than this and as we stand at the back of the day doesn't know if it's the oddest and most of the worlds become useful to know the national boundaries it disappeared. only this internet services here in jordan. of course you can always been constant doubts and misty oh one were some of the philippines to you i can see i love doing after graduation. in addition to continue to pursue the menace well ask. i like to see her happy is on it. is she a preferred to continue the lake the recent scary it means having to have to see that theompany and do little other fe that m iluding myselfe askingshere aot. you the pio know youin
11:45 am
will not be in jordan. and now this mean no offense to the scene. come on be married to a very handsome looking very successful colonies business person. and then buried in the future we'll get a lot of options to opportunities for you. in both places. a lot of people as to allow him to be healed willingham meal happy to be a it too will the ambassador hill between jordan and taiwan. is dension really you know that there is not enough meat on the standing between the two sites and then go with your background them with your expertise and connections in both places assuming you are uniquely ill qualified to the temple would you be interested in the price then the eyes of two and into the mike tyson because both have been enjoyed in that very night they have a very useful in my heart then it would have to say that i did get it from
11:46 am
the moment seats couldn't even be thinking seats and content have been beaten and what love was sick and ineptitude this is a new ceo same thing can be said about you you know you know both societies all the pennies to me. this keeps you in a unique position type of vehicle will the masses are now he'll continue to cite to the un would possess something that you've according to islam in the future he's not doing the editing. um well i think it will encourage more people go up from jordan to come taiwan and was trying to bring more people to visit scored an excellent one to fill this out to win a family elijah like extend some now and then leaving extra experience. then we opened a few cherry on the weekend that make you like a big item or a stick of gum. and also we knew that cocker leader of all your activities to teach them and it is something i was close to both if you will
11:47 am
continue doing it each year anwar some of the regular activities to suit she has been named neil jordan for example to the antics have to be axed in the narrow and fed through it and if that tree and lights today the same complaints with the dentist to do if he can enjoy them specially we have too many scenes now because of his elation. so they went into the twin peaks and then chris had to do maybe if we can make an effective communications few hours because i attended an elite few clinics between taking too many patients they may be that the alleys and when afton and so this is very important and accident this is a creeping go to tp to do and had been given because you are a huge city annexed the keys in hand which he helped me dig deep and pieces of great pain and symptom another area that we've discussed this on education not gone only for the two sides to get to know each of the fed it to voting trends so for example some of the computer skills. some of
11:48 am
the new information technologies available. there are also something that he'll meet eu involved. what kind to be involved in the future and his help in tucson. our boat as far as i know they are yemeni and jordan is to come to learn that the conduit computer science student holiday in taiwan now then that. for the because i'm in this field twenty nine the magazine in this field that i hate when mariah know if we enjoyed an outing resentment to calm and how to introduce played by a probe into them. ok now and we talk about food teams one team again the pitch with the new restaurant in town one that is the real opinions as picking them but then out into the evening and commercial crew is it saying this time because this city back at the click is a bit smitten with different spices defend the idea of ncis the unity of conceding silly p haha going into this tube
11:49 am
of what would you be thinking of setting up a jordanian hill restaurant yesterday to have the contacts detailing as it seemed to calm the man that cannot be given a sum of ninety two and a new combat i'd love to do the statement to say some bad teeth and then braved the basis that the cia i think i had to finally be cooling and the program today. note the listening to two of you and your sharing your stories together. there's a lot of people you know that i cannot help but wondering that you know if in the future. dad you know you place on your relationship. note that loan note are you able to fill between the two of you know what we're likely to see more more exchanges and he'll use it and also with little closer relations between the two sides and belvoir some of the state you can recommend. no photos featured a new people. no soap or fatalities. i want you first
11:50 am
when i accidentally olive ink and my family and friends to come he tied it with the event at women says that this could not see it was a bit difficult for hepatitis that i just said i just tied to that yet because it's the one good thing going was to have new things exploring new things and off place on sat the same for my timing was unbalanced and then you have to come back and one of my professors his american but the team that cynthia knew she's going to join contingent i'm so hungry that can be nice to you. what think ye room in my opinion which is always the first thing you can break the boundaries so on. that and like she's making a summer to dinner with some sleet snow and the toilet and stomach. tt's like a tourist again in our school dinners events one. so the lake here still it is kind of activities that should be no food and also she did over the acosta has to be with the message of jordan to let people hear that. still
11:51 am
eating places to have both of you on the program today very much enjoy our conversation along to wish both of you all the best deal personal and professional endeavors in the future thank you very much think about it but still has a great people watching oprah went to the aoc next time i'm at the real. and i think. thing go thus. the eye the rule. i
11:52 am
believe it to advantage which the two things first. it will increase its role in human rights issues especially that quake going out with a new and console and human rights second thing that would have to wait several more good in that region for more democracy and freedom and want a speech on the question of energy ocean there utility and a time of reform it is actually very very critical. one of the problems very often and when the reform movement gets a head of steam and molds. it is then implementing a revolution or an uprising is just an event. what happens after which makes all the difference. and if there's not a sentence civil rights civil government
11:53 am
institutions to work with very often the good news now people get the solution then you have a counter revolution so perfected and ceos are multiplying in this region and some of them getting extremely upbeat and strong including the center that we are today. it's all good because the road ahead of modernizing economically and politically. twenty long years when addison setbacks corn and some unexpected turns of the road. so the stronger the fabric and in the political leadership in this region. more likelihood is that there would be a promising outcome to be invited to the toxin can be extremely important to me and to see the pioneer pioneering efforts of the ottoman state to try to either axes to the people not to get these television network. and to try to read
11:54 am
this post where we had in the internet. well we have in cyberspace to television. i sink is going to be challenging. in fact any challenging accomplishment and that perhaps he will be step sounds like giving access to people to present their views. it was a source like to go the safeguard in ahmedabad misfortune that the chef to mention the ball go broke. upon bringing them home and abroad moved from the program offers local poetry is not reported. when you open up dumped awesome to choose from and six. the us easy on the due process morton gould and yet hopeful when the snow religious discourse yen oddly the challenge of no school could they didn't put them on an easel. and i think this is exactly what that led to the county said such a sense that and so did i mention that because right now and will lie in bed changes taking place and that we do
11:55 am
not have institutions and that many are on the exchange of money to change and meet yet precise the mega center and that the stall still managed to this change. no youtube of them the most or all the keepers of the condom on crusty outer beauty that we must be just the mumbai or would you just want to come june two months of two of them for me in them the shame and guilt towards you all know that it might impress anyone up for the disco obama feels kinda difficult for one moment in by g b shaw scored used for orchards. at myself and i am patient and as the institute we have been involved in that promoting these gals are the two years now that we don't have the means yet we don't need to think people individually in groups of people with students and blotted we do not have such an impact in the media became involved in that and that the impact will team up with the montreal to wear it to disintegrate initiative michael wright true to myself
11:56 am
and the doomed them and are used to from the fortune to be here participating in this bout of local tv stations dialogue for democracy and freedom. i think is keen to keep the show worldwide because we see the democracy needs an urgent need for more good news to be taken care of all their wines. we get reversed. when the wet conditions with this new thing i hope the group three year by year of giving the world the gift of democracy and freedom i'm a new zealand. i'm also a vice president of the entrance and we shared a common experience of having to leave his lead is a democracy. yet we owe more on the role of chastity is that we understand finds that we also understand that called for freedom that we seeing around the world today and the new media platform that that the shake is starting to unlawfully people
11:57 am
can have a voice to great interest to the madrid. what we want to do was helping the police into a new dialogue. we knew solutions on sheets nineties the deciphered effects can be the outcome. madrid it was a sheet societies and she blooms that sank the difference. based on democratic principles. and we understand that the new media is going to be a very important concepts so are we i'm very interested in the shake and his mission. we understand the importance of the middle east in the new conversations where i'm sitting here. and so the parliament and tries to bring our moments and our experience of individually and in some of whom the river which meets some of whom imports. indigenous peoples rule all women through the society's new ones. and by allowing the tunnel to it and we think that we can be agents for change even though we are not longer in office i think it's been a very important seat of conversations we've had
11:58 am
the voice of africa the voice of the middle east we've had some of the old voices all america and europe and we have diplomas of discussion around the new the new voices of age. these people are nice the society's send his normal people who are unable to call telephones that the pixies to be intimate and they want the police to keep it. i think that really does hear our own understanding. maybe tomorrow there'll also be followers. and this is the new paradigm shift so that shank convening this conversation in the middle east in this month's when signing the important things happening. it's one of those tipping points in history and that government is pleased to be part of its eyes these conversations to correct a win or two about the games pointers. at the stake through his leadership of opening up new media to many new people who have not had access to it. up until now we think it will help define the future shape of this region. the band if you do this. he said. hosts. it is
11:59 am
he said. leave. it's so. we suggest you. that means i don't want to do. we in trouble tree and troubled market. we can see we are told to. because we are out as you've experienced. all costs. it's brand new stones and saw the pdf for two years gts. when you live tv experience political motives
12:00 pm
cornet. when his team. i'll change. that takes you to send to. fan. i know the air and whitewash or sanctions imposed tensions high. are we watching the start of the new cold war and what are the consequences. hello i'm like walter washington and this is the heat. yesterday the board to be a state of the soviet union were bitter enemies. it was the care of the cold war accusations distrust fear of nuclear


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